The Feldenkrais Method - The Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education
Interesting and amazing, Feldenkrais works SO beautifully!  I now breathe freer, stand taller and, most importantly, my shoulders are no longer in pain... Thank you Isel! Thank you Mr.Feldenkrais!
Karen, Winery  owner, Newcastle, CA
 I wanted to write to thank you for the numerous Feldenkrais lessons you have given me both individually and in group. I have benefited so much from your work! Suffering from migraines, I had found little help for relief in the past, with the exception of using medication. Yet, with Feldenkrais, I have found a significant release of tension in my head and shoulders. I feel much lighter and open in my chest and my head feels more upright and at rest. I also felt a release of the discomfort I have been having in my hips due to the sciatic nerve.
Feldenkrais has brought me back to my center. Thank you so much for your help in helping me converse and listen to my body so as to live in comfort and not in constant conflict
Amy Nistor, teacher, Loomis, CA
Isel is magical. Her ability to help you become aware of your body and bring it back "home" is very special. I have injuries from a car accident that happened over a year ago. From my very first session with Isel. I had relief of conditions that had bothered me since the accident.
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!
Diana, equestrian rider, Folsom, CA
I'm so grateful!  Your work is very gentle but brings dramatic results. The tension in my shoulders has gone and the rigidity I had in my upper body  softened. Wonderful to feel more flexible and my posture improved!
Cyndi, voice teacher, Folsom, CA
I had tried chiropractic and different exercises for my lower back pain but the pain continued. The Feldenkrais sessions were invaluable. Your reminder in words and actions to move in ways that offer ease and support rather than stress and strain were so helpful. For 5 months now, I have not had a major back ache! Thank you!
Janet, retired Waldorf teacher, Penryn, CA
I wish everyone could try it and see how much difference it could make in their lives!
Marcia, writer, Meadow Vista, CA
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