The Feldenkrais Method - The Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education
The Feldenkrais Method
can help you finding  your  way HOME...
 Integrating the power of the        MIND
 with  the potential of the  BODY...
 Movement is a GOLDEN KEY in the journey towards optimal health. It is a necessary component. Just as our mind and emotions have direct impact on our body chemistry and overall health, so is our reality in our body affecting the mental and psychological aspects of ourselves, and the way we function in our life.
As it uses  movement with attention, The Feldenkrais Method® is a powerful tool to integrate Mind and Body towards a better functioning self.
   "... know what you are doing so that you can do what you want".
                                                                         Moshe Feldenkrais
 In developing our capacity to attend to what we do, we can learn to better coordinate intention and action.We can journey towards Integration and Wellness.
            An educational approach:
                Learning new options                  
 Rather than "fixing" the body, Moshe Feldenkrais taught how to expand its capacities and range of choice. This method is not a medical treatment, it is an educational approach. It helps all people increase their self-awareness and explore new movement possibilities. Along with increasing the body's strength and flexibility, the Feldenkrais Method® helps clients manage stress and correct habits that can cause pain and limit movement. 
The Feldenkrais Method® can help anyone feel better and enjoy life more. People with stroke or neurological conditions can find more effective ways to get along in daily life.  If you suffer from backaches or muscle and joints pain, you can discover new ways to move pleasurably. Performing artists learn to "fine tune "their bodies for more optimal performance.          
                    ."...from the impossible to the possible,
                               from the possible to the easy,
                                   from the easy to the elegant."     
                                                                    -Moshe Feldenkrais
       The Feldenkrais Method has 2 modalities:
      Awareness Through Movement:
 In an Awareness Through Movement class, the Feldenkrais practitioner verbally leads you through a sequence of gentle movements alternating with periods of quiet rest. These precisely structured movement explorations help you gain greater self-awareness and more options for effortless actions.
     "We learn from what we attend to,
     and we become what we practice"
                                 Moshe Feldenkrais
               Functional Integration:
In a private lesson of Functional Integration, the Feldenkrais
practitioner uses a gentle supportive touch to guide you in a personalized movement process while you learn to reorganize your body in new and improved motor patterns.  
                             "Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns,
                                       except our belief that they are so".
                                                                            Moshe Feldenkrais
Here is a great VIDEO to learn more about The Feldenkrais method:
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