The Feldenkrais Method - The Feldenkrais Method of Movement Education
 Upcoming Workshops

Hips and Shoulders: 
 Working as a Team

1:00pm to 3:30 pm
Simple Human Studios
700 Alhambra, (atG street)
-across from McKinley Park-

Early Registration:$30
After March 10: $35.
Call: (530) 888-9607


Restore the power of your Low-back and Hip Joints 
Free your Hip-Joints and alleviate your Back pain!

Canyon Spirit Yoga, Auburn
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
$30 when registering before April 10 
($35 afterwards)
Call: 530) 888-9607



     Past 2013 Workshops:

Sensing your Support


1:00 pm to 3:30pm
Canyon Spirit Yoga
$35 with early registration
($40 at the door)

 New Ways to Improve Your Posture
~ and reduce pain and stress in the process ~
Canyon Spirit Yoga
    538 Auburn Ravine Road, Auburn,  CA

 Group Classes:
On-going classes
$65/series of 5 classes


 For a private sessionplease call for a free phone consultation and to explore the possibilities of working together.
      (530) 888-9607


 45 min Hands-on  Sessions
 Sliding scale: $30-40

Tight hips and tight shoulders often go together: habits of tension and restriction in one will usually affect the other. However, our hips and shoulders are designed to work together in smooth coordination. We can feel that clearly in our walking, but it is also the case for all other movement actions where our whole body is involved.

Learn to fine tune the coordination between these two areas of yourself: it will reduce pain and discomfort and bring a sense of freedom along your spine. You might feel a bit taller! In the same time, it will bring more ease and grace in your walking, faster and more efficient running and even a better posture!

Integrated movement is a key to your health. Balancing the distribution of effort throughout your power center of the pelvis, low-back and hip-joints is  especially crucial and will allow you to feel a sense of balance and move with additional ease and  flexibility.

In this workshop, through gentle movement sequences, you will  explore ways to organize the large muscles of the pelvis,  learn more about your hip joints and their potential for movement and discover new options to free unnecessary tension in your low-back. 


Learn to recognize unnecessary muscular habits that get in the way of feeling fully supported and at HOME in your body.

In this movement workshop, you will enter into simple sensory and somatic explorations. Because your body is DESIGNED to move -and your brain understand the language of movement very well - you will be able to tap into the intelligence of this design, allowing a sense of ease and flow in your body and your movements.
You will gain a renewed vitality in your posture, a better sense of balance and centered strength.

Learn to allow your body and its skeletal framework to be a true supportive foundation for you.


In this workshop, you will rediscover the joy of rolling on the floor and savor its gifts:rekindle the connection to yourself. When you can sense yourself more fully, feel the force of gravity traveling through your bones and expand your choices in movement, you might be surprised of the simple, natural and effortless posture that emerges!

5:30 pm to 6:30 m
Home studio,
Downtown Auburn , CA
Call for location: 530 888-9607
 on-going classes                   

TUESDAYS,1 pm to 2 pm,
Coloma Community Center,
Call City Parks: 916-808-6060 

9 am to 10 am
Canyon Spirit Yoga,
538 Auburn Ravine Rd, Auburn
5:15 pm to 6:15 pm
Simple Human Studios,
700 Alhambra, (enter at G st.)
 (across McKinley Park), Sac.

 The private sessions are given     in two locations:
Auburn (home studio)
Sacramento, 418 Alhambra, 
suite B, (near McKinley park)


 - Every 4th Friday of the month
 - Between 9am to 12 noon,
  Downtown Auburn.
  Please call for appointment:
   (530) 888-9607

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